Education Standards and the Achievement Gap

- Posted by Editor in Education

The business community, among others, has been saying for years that Connecticut must improve the overall academic performance of all students if we are to remain economically competitive.

Maybe the time is here. At a press conference today at the Capitol, a diverse group of organizations known as ConnCAN released a report entitled "Great Schools For All."

The plan is to close Connecticut's achievement gap by investing in proven education reforms to increase academic achievement among students traditionally underserved by the public school system.

The five-point plan:

  1. Expand Pre-K Education;
  2. Create New Schools (Charter, Magnet, Pilot Schools);
  3. Support Educators with Proven "Turnaround Tools" (model school designs, new assessment tools, implementation support);
  4. Recruit Teacher and Principal All-Stars;
  5. and Ensure Transparency and Public Accountability.

CBIA is a member of the ConnCAN coalition, and our VP and executive director of the CBIA Education Foundation, Lauren Kaufman, said that "Connecticut's economic competitiveness in the global economy rests on our ability to close the achievement gap and raise academic standards for all students."

House Speaker Jim Amann, House Education chair Andrew Fleischmann and Rep. Doug McCrory from Hartford also appeared at the press conference and endorsed the plan laid out by ConnCAN.

With support from the Speaker and the House chair of Education, along with many Republicans in both chambers, hopefully the momentum from today's event will help pick up more support and lead to measurable progress this year.

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