Connecticut Has Enormous Economic Potential ...

… and we need to make good policy choices to meet that potential

What can state policymakers do—this year—to unlock Connecticut’s enormous potential? They can start by putting every legislative proposal through the test of whether it will help or hurt Connecticut’s economic competitiveness. 
After all, too many studies place Connecticut poorly in national competitiveness rankings. Although we are making progress, we should be doing much, much better.
Among the biggest issues we’re facing are the state’s fiscal problems—which can be solved by growing our economy, controlling state spending, and making state government as efficient and effective as possible.
Connecticut can and should be one of the best places in the nation to do business. Here’s how to achieve it.*

2015 Priorities

  • Balance the state’s new two-year budget without tax increases and borrowing, while continuing to make state government more efficient and effective
  • Upgrade Connecticut’s roads, highways, rails and bridges by securing the Special Transportation Fund and restricting its use to transportation purposes
  • Encourage economy-driving investments through a more competitive state tax policy
  • Make sure education and workforce development systems provide employers with the talent needed for our current and future workforces
  • Reduce extraneous energy costs and increase access to diverse energy sources
  • Make it easier for businesses to cut through red tape and comply with government regulations
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare in Connecticut while improving value and quality
  • Reject any new mandates or proposals to increase workplace costs and stifle job creation

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  • State Spending
  • State Taxes
  • Transportation
  • Education & Workforce Talent
  • Energy & Technology
  • Government Regulation
  • Labor & Employment
  • Healthcare

  • Download the Government Affairs Agenda (pdf)

    CBIA also supports the work and recommendations of the CT20x17 campaign to make Connecticut a top 20 state for economic competitiveness by 2017.