State Gains 26,700 Jobs in 2014

Connecticut closed out 2014 on a high note, adding 4,800 jobs in December for a…

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Transmitting Concerns about Energy Costs

So near—and yet so far away. Members of the legislature’s Energy Committee this week learned…

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Go Meet Your Legislators!

Here are some of the many meetings, office hours and town hall gatherings being held…

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Worried about Health Insurance Penalties? Read This

Access Health, the state’s health insurance exchange, has adopted an appeals process for employers who…

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Five Ways to Improve State’s Unemployment System, Boost Economy

If you want to make a Connecticut business owner’s blood pressure rise, just ask about…

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#MandateWar Being Waged on Small Businesses in Connecticut

Every year the legislature’s Labor Committee drafts up schemes targeting certain big box retailers and…

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